How it works

Your Wellth program

We understand that everyone has different health needs. That’s why you get a highly personalized program experience that grows with you throughout your health journey.

Benefits of Wellth Rewards

Feel your best
Wellth helps you stay on track and build lasting, healthy habits with our easy-to-use program.
Earn rewards
Your rewards are just that, yours! Complete your check-ins and receive your rewards card.
Easy to use
Simply check in each day using Wellth and start earning rewards!
No cost to you
Remember, the Wellth program costs nothing and does not change your benefits.
Personalized for you
Our Wellth Specialists will walk you through the download process and set up your individualized reminders.
We have your back
You also have access to a live support team to help you throughout your health journey.

Get started today

Step 1
Sign up
It takes just 1 minute to submit your info and get started on Wellth Rewards.
Step 2
Get started
A Wellth Specialist will create your custom reminders and show you how to use the app.
Step 3
Use the Wellth application to snap a photo of your health tasks as you check in each day.
Step 4
Get paid
A rewards card will be mailed to you after you begin your program.

Your Wellth Rewards

As a Wellth Member, will receive your rewards card within the first few weeks of your program. Your earned rewards will be loaded onto your card periodically as long as you continue checking in on the Wellth app.

Frequently asked questions

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